For Buyers:

Our goal is to match you with a business in which you will be successful! Each business has been pre-vetted by an independent broker and will come with a full sales prospectus and financial documentation.  The broker will answer any questions you may have about the business and, if needed, set up meetings with the seller to go over operations or other questions. All sellers are required to provide an instructional handbook with the sale of the business, as well as a minimum of 30 days of support via email (though additional support may be negotiated during the sales process.)

Sale and transfer of most web business is fairly straightforward, and we’ll provide all the support necessary for a smooth transition. We will provide a sale contract which you may have reviewed by independent counsel if desired, or we may be able to use a sale contract you provide, if you already have one. Financial transfers are conducted through a third-party escrow service to ensure you’ll receive the business’s assets before releasing funds to the seller.  Once you’ve taken over the business, the seller will provide answers to your questions and train you on business operations.

For Sellers:

Decide If You’re Ready To Sell Your Business

Looking to convert a monthly income into a lump sum, or want to invest in another business? Download our Preparing To Sell Your Business guide. If you’re satisfied that you’re ready to sell and your business is transferable to a new owner, contact us for a free evaluation.

Sign Listing Agreement And Create Listing

Once the listing agreement is signed, we’re working for you! Using our checklist and sale guide, you’ll work with your broker to collect all the information we’ll need to build your listing and market your business to the right buyers. You’ll have the ability to view and edit the listing we build for you before it goes live. We’ll handle all the details of building a great listing for your business, including a professionally written and formatted sales prospectus for buyers that will help them understand all the aspects of your business, its history, and its growth potential. Your web business will be advertised nationally, including targeted advertisements for buyers interested in your specific industry. We’ll also reach out to our list of pre-screened buyers and generate interest in your business.

Prepare Business For Sale

When selling a business, just like selling a house, there are lots of ways where preparing ahead of time makes moving on so much easier. We’ll provide you with guidance on what you’ll need to provide so we can market your site in the best light and ways to make transferring the site to a new owner easier. There’s lots of details to be wrapped up when selling a web business, and we help you get everything tied off neatly.

Receiving Inquiries and Offers

FMZ Business Brokers will handle all the buyer inquiries, answering questions and providing information on your behalf. We’ll help determine which buyers might be ready to move on to the next step in the sales process, and can also have buyers sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect your business’s confidentiality, if desired. We’ll notify you of serious buyers and any offers received, and provide you with guidance during the negotiation process to end up with a package that benefits both buyer and seller.

Closing The Sale

When we’ve settled on a mutually beneficial offer, you’ll sign a sales agreement with the buyer. We’ll negotiate any items necessary to make sure we’re accounting for all the small details. Then, the sale will be closed through an escrow service, which will ensure that the buyer is able to provide the agreed-upon cash amount before you turn over anything to them. Any seller financing can be arranged at this stage as well. Once each party is satisfied, the transfer of the website and domain is completed, and the sales proceeds minus commission are deposited to your bank account.

Training Period and Wrap-Up

During the training period, you’ll provide final instructions to the buyer on how to run their new business and help them with any issues that may arise. This period also gives you a chance to wrap up your business’s books and complete any necessary transitions. We require all of our sellers to provide a minimum of 30 days of support by email, with additional fees for any other types of support or a longer support period. We’ll provide advice on how to manage your relationship with the new owner after the sale is complete so all parties are satisfied. By the end of the training period, the buyer will be on their way and you’ll be enjoying the proceeds of the sale!