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Big Pet Subscription Box Business

Pet lovers are always looking for something new and fun to treat their pets right – and they love this fun subscription box for dogs that brings tasty treats, ingenious toys, and stylish accessories right to their door every month!

With over 500 subscribers and a brand-new deal with a major retailer, this is the perfect time to take this fun little business to the next level. You can manage almost everything from home on a flexible schedule, so it’s a terrific first-time or side business. Or if you’ve got a sales or marketing background, it’s ready to grow big time!

Sold Price: $33,700

Fun Beauty Subscription Box Business

With over 50% margins, lots of donated inventory, great social media presence, and strong vendor relationships, this beauty box is ready to grow! Easy to run from a home office as a side business, or would make a great expansion for a beauty brand. Lots of ways to grow revenue, and automatically recurring subscriptions mean money flows in from day 1.  Fun to run and easy to expand!

Sold Price: $21,800

CrossFit Subscription Box Business

Great branding, great retention, and lots of recurring revenue providing a steady stream of income from day 1!

This monthly subscription box business brings new and exciting CrossFit related products to over 800 subscribers a month. You can manage everything from home on a flexible schedule, and fulfillment through an offsite center lets you focus on sales.

Highly targetable niche and highly engaged social media presence make it easy to find new customers, and recurring revenue means multiple sales from every customer. In the right hands, this business is ready to become a major brand. Sale will include most of the inventory you need to fulfill two months of boxes, so you’ll start seeing ROI very quickly!

Sale Price: Confidential

Gymnastics Subscription Box Business

This girls’ gymnastics subscription box business brings a new leotard, plus fun accessories, healthy snacks, and more, to over 200 little gymnasts all over the country every month.

Sold Price: $21,600

Fun Texas-Themed Subscription Box!

State-themed subscription box company has lots of growth opportunities both in the subscription space and local bulk sales. A very tasty proposition!

Sold Price: $25,000

Amazon E-Books Business – Passive Income!

Dozens of books in the library give you residual income – use the old books to promote the new and earn from both! Many tasks outsourced to a fully trained VA, and low cost of book acquisition keeps profits high.

Sold Price: $60,000

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Grilling Products Subscription Business

Perfect for the grilling enthusiast in your life, this rapidly growing subscription business has fans all over the country and a huge social media presence. Marinades, rubs, and more make this a delicious box to give or receive, and its growing subscriber base agrees!

Sold Price: $27,500

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Popular Firearms T-Shirt E-commerce Website

As one of the most popular hobbies in America, gun owners certainly love to show off their pride! Thousands of happy customers continue to purchase these clever, thoughtfully designed shirts – a huge social media following and lots of cross-promotional opportunities give this business room to grow.

Sold Price: $18,000

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Super Cute Nail Art Subscription Box Business

Love getting fun stuff in the mail and trying new things?
How about strong brand presence, low overhead, great social media engagement, and recurring revenue providing a steady stream of income from day 1?

This cool nail art subscription box business with high margins and great customer loyalty. Huge potential to expand, and will come with all inventory bought through July!

Very neat little business that can be run entirely from home or anywhere, and is perfect for a first-time business owner, or as an expansion on an existing business.

Sale Price: $3,000


Women’s Fitness-Focused Subscription Box Business

High margins ahead with this great little business! A monthly box of goodies targeted for women with different fitness goals. Easy to run from home and ready to grow!

Sold Price: $18,700

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Well-Established Sports Memorabilia Amazon/eBay Store

A perennial gift favorite, sports memorabilia from all of America’s favorite pastimes also make for a great business with high margins. Lots of inventory included to get you started and it’s easily run from home!

Sold Price: $20,000

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Customer Management SaaS Software Company

Software that helps you make money – always an easy sale! This software is well-designed to help users keep track of sales leads, assign tasks, track promotional efforts, and more. Cloud-based subscription version and self-hosted version available.

Sold Price: $30,000

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